Blockchain as a service in the Agro Industry

An open, flexible & scalable blockchain platform that addresses business & technical requirements for security, performance & operational processes integrated with IT landscape

Blockchain-based auditing and provenance service that enables farmers to prove control conditions of farms and receive certifications (such as GLOBAL GAP, RSPO). Audited provenance of harvest is a critical step towards food security. This is an urgent matter caused by feeble purchasing power, low-priced imports and uneven trade practices

It enables rapid adoption of Blockchain and DLT into existing business processes, leveraging built-in solution accelerators in Asset Registry, Provenance, Certificate Credence and Consent Management

The service provides access to a global marketplace where the intention is to empower small scale farmers and to shift power from global corporations to farm cooperatives

Blockchain Core Offerings

Blockchain Project feasibility assessments & PoC

Security and smart contract audits

Enterprise and solutions architecture

ICO token launch and white paper preparation

New blockchain development & installation

Custom Consensus Mechanisms

Smart Contract Design

Ethereum Deployments & Contract Upgrades

Installation on AWS & Docker

Vendor support and service upgrades

Introducing Rapid Blockchain Development Framework

Solution Accelerators like Certificate Credentialing, Asset Registry, Block Consent and Process Provenance

Smart Contract Libraries

Domain Specific Use Cases

Blockchain Testing Framework

Reduced Time & Cost to implement

Easier Business Justification & visible ROI

Domain Specific Use Cases


Asset Register  I  Process Provenance  I  Certificate Credentialing  I  Block Content

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