Any conversation about marketing today becomes less relevant without the inclusion artificial intelligence (AI)-touted as a panacea for data collection, analysis, and customer service, savvy marketers are using this to supplement human intelligence, rather than replace it. But what is AI- The simulation of intellectual processes in humans by machines is Artificial intelligence or AI. It is the system’s ability to accurately decipher external data, which will facilitate learning and put that learning to use to achieve specific goal and tasks through flexible adaptation. 

AI is changing the face of today’s digital landscape and taking the marketing world by storm. Empowered with new age data-driven marketing strategies, brands and marketers are leveraging AI enabled marketing to optimize time and resources through automation of various services. Marketers are using Artificial Intelligence to give consumers a highly personalized experience that is cost effective when compared to the traditionally high-cost campaigns. And every interaction the consumer has with the product or service is used for optimization in future.AI algorithms and analytics enable us to deal with data streaming from various sources at an exhaustive rate. In marketing analytics, Artificial intelligence provides marketers with a set of tools which enables them to answer questions.

So how does AI make it easy for the marketers?

Sales Forecasting

Marketing analytics powered by AI is the best set of tools for answering questions pertaining to consumer behaviour and interests. Marketers are now in a position to compare trailblazing inbound communication alongside traditional metrics which helps simplify difficult strategy related questions.

Deeper Understanding of Consumers

With AI marketers gain an in-depth understanding of what the consumers are thinking, feeling and saying about a particular brand. Savvy marketers can leverage this data to suitably modify messaging or branding for maximum impact.

Optimizing Digital Marketing campaigns.

AI can harness the abundance of consumer data available online on social media,or through keyword searches, and other data, for smarter and more effective digital ads. The results are outstanding without human labour

Customer /Prospect Profiles creation

This exhaustive data can also help build consumer profiles. AI related solutions equipp marketers with an in-depth knowledge of prospective clients and consumers, this enables them to pitch the right message to right person at the right time. 

Real-Time conversation with customers

AI’s cutting ability to collate, analyse and predict trends using large chunks of data is a boon in disguise for the marketers. This allows real-time conversation between costumers and brands either online or through events. This has a bearing on the purchasing decision of consumers.

In marketing analytics use of AI is dramatically reducing marketers time to insight, and getting the answers to questions before they know the question itself.

Final Thoughts

This is the time for marketers to begin using Artificial Intelligence strategies to help boost highly personalized experiences for consumers. With AI poised to grow across all segments, marketers should leverage AI to unify the large blocks of data from disparate sources across regions, campaigns content, channels, and audiences. By using AI in marketing campaigns the optimization cycles can be reduced to daily and hourly windows. From a marketing perspective, it sets the pace for always on, data-driven culture.