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Is brick-and-mortar retail shopping a thing of the past? Can data science still make it viable ?

Modern definitions of retail shopping have been completely revolutionized and are constantly bringing dynamic changes in the market. Brick-and-mortar retail can be defined as an establishment that operates from a physical storefront and differs from other common retailing methods such as mail-order catalogs and online shopping. 

How Is AI Empowering Marketers In 2019

Any conversation about marketing today becomes less relevant without the inclusion artificial intelligence (AI)-touted as a panacea for data collection, analysis, and customer service, savvy marketers are using this to supplement human intelligence, rather than replace it. But what is AI- The simulation of intellectual processes in humans by machines is Artificial intelligence or AI. It is the system’s ability to accurately decipher external data, which will facilitate learning and put that learning to use to achieve specific goal and tasks through flexible adaptation.

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