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Business Forecasting For a Global Logistics Company

The following case study highlights the design and delivery of an automated
business-integrated solution, which was purposed to generate an accurate forecast of the business through each product category, destination location, and product item (limited) for 24 months.

Daily Product Demand Forecasting For a US-based Retail Chain

This case study highlights the solution for a US-based retail chain that required a system which provides automated product demand forecasts for individual SKUs across its stores.

Campaign Performance Monitoring and Analysis For a US Online Retailer

ROMI was employed to analyze and monitor an online retailer’s marketing campaigns  and performance across various categories, offers and mediums. This case study elaborates how ROMI addressed the client’s challenges and generated insights to improve overall marketing strategy.

Employee Perception Analysis For a Large US Enterprise

This case study discusses the survey solution delivered to a large-scale enterprise in USA, to understand, as well as improve the overall employee engagement and satisfaction level, measured over a milieu defined by multiple quantitative and qualitative decision levers.

Measuring Campaign Effectiveness In the Indian FMCG Scenario

This case study examines the improvisation of marketing strategy for an FMCG giant in India, mainly focusing on calculating campaign effectiveness and improving brand awareness.

ROMI Optimization Key Drivers and Effectiveness For a Large US Based Internet Company

A highly renowned US Internet company invests a huge amount on a number of marketing drivers such TV, internet and on their own brand marketing. This case study examines the impact of each driver to eventually optimize ROMI.

USPS Worker’s Compensation Fraud Detection Model – A Statistical Approach

To contain the escalating medical and other personnel expenses related to the benefits paid by the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP), the US Postal Service‘s Risk Analysis Research Center, wishes to develop a predictive fraud model. 

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