What are your pain points? 

  • Are you facing challenges to determine which media vehicles and campaigns are most effective in driving sales, profits, long-term revenue growth and market share?
  • How do you evaluate the external factors impacting brand performance?
  • How can you design a strategy for marketing & promotion keeping the long-term brand-building needs in view?
  • Is there any tool that can perform real-time scenario planning to measure the outcome of marketing plans using predictive modelling?
  • How can you calculate ROI of digital spending like digital ads, search, banners/display ads, social & content reach?
  • How can you determine product performance without of any bias from brand equity/halo effect?
  • How can you tailor our offers in response to customer needs?

Are you looking for following insights?

A highly renowned Internet company invests a huge amount on a number of marketing drivers such TV, internet, newspaper, radio and on their own brand marketing. They want to measure the marketing driver effectiveness for the sales of their products to understand the impact each driver is making on revenue generation. They also want to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns run through various marketing channels. They are looking for following insights:

  • To carry out a detailed ROI analysis for all the marketing drivers across all the resellers.
  • To identify the significant drivers or channels that are generating the maximum impact on sales.
  • To estimate volume contribution of each significant marketing driver
  • To develop target response models for different product campaign with different types of benefits and score customers on responsiveness of each campaign
  • To establish an efficient system of campaign performance reporting, with interactive reports and insights generation

Here is how we can help you

Using advanced machine learning & predictive analytics techniques, Enquete has developed a services platform that makes brand planning & marketing performance evaluation easy & simple. Based on business performance, promotions & external/internal media data the platform can do

  • Scenario based marketing planning
  • ROI calculation
  • Real time performance reports
  • Interactive dashboards for reference, insights & collaboration



Core Capabilities

Translate ROI insights to quantified sales, market acquisition, revenue share & consumer count

Quantitative assessment of impact from new media channels

Accurate ROI estimates help optimize investment allocation across media platforms

Scenario-based marketing outputs help identify the right mix of marketing investments

Measurable impact of externalities on competition activities over a timeline

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