Evaluate Marketing ROI

Data-driven evaluation of your marketing efforts

Tricky Areas in Marketing Evaluation:

  • Marketers are constantly facing critical decision-making junctures to look for more business opportunities and create new revenue streams for the companies.
  • While calculating ROI is a simple arithmetic task, the evaluation of marketing efforts extends beyond numbers. A lead passes through multiple touchpoints of the marketing funnel and reaches the purchase decision only if all those touchpoints nudge in the direction of the purchase. It is difficult to reduce these efforts down to figures or numbers while evaluating marketing performance
  • Tracking the marketing expenditure in a conventional bookkeeping way reduces the real value of the investment. Analytics based on such data could be inaccurate and inconsistent
  • Marketing strategies include a mix of channels and messaging based on the target market and its segmentation. Determining the effectiveness of a complex web of communications and turning that data into business insights is burdensome
  • Classifying marketing campaigns (Print Ads, Audio-Visual Ads, Email Marketing, PPC Ads, Social Media Ads, Social Media Outreach) based on their probability to drive higher and frequent revenue growth models can get extremely tricky.
  • Evaluation of the sustainability factor in marketing strategies to be able to consistently generate leads in the future cannot be done without factoring in dynamic/real-time changes in marketing performance
  • Evaluation of customer loyalty towards brand value in driving sales cannot be done by mere ROI calculation.

The Enquete Way

With the help of Predictive Analytics, AI and Machine Learning to process a large volume of structured and unstructured data, we can help you plan and evaluate winning marketing strategies that reflect success rates in real numbers…

    Campaign Management

    Data Visualization

    Scenario-based Marketing Planning

    Marketing Mix Modelling

    Real-time ROI Evaluation

    Media ROI & Effectiveness

    Regression Analysis

    How it works

    Application of Big Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning determines the right target market for your product; utilizes the data analytics insights to determine the preferences of your customers and then moving forward provides business insights for customer retention and acquisition.

    • Extraction of data from your channel of sales, social media pages, surveys, transactional history, and customer feedback is executed. We deploy our predictive model over your data to create a roadmap for you to understand what the customer needs you to produce and how they need you to sell it to them.
    • Our platform can utilize diverse empirical data and apply Big Data Analytics on top of the customer segment datasets giving you adequate indication on customer behavior. Based on those insights, you’ll be capable of formulating fail-safe formulas for attracting new customers.

    Our platform performs the following activities

    Carries out a detailed ROI analysis for all the marketing drivers across all the resellers

    Identifies the significant drivers or channels that are generating the maximum impact on sales

    Estimates volume contribution of each significant marketing drive

    Develops target response models for different product campaigns with different types of benefits and scores customers on responsiveness to each campaign

    Establishes an efficient system of campaign performance reporting, with interactive reports and insights generation

    The Experience We Provide

    Marketing is the invisible driver of business revenue and as the saying goes that “you got to spend money to earn it”
    the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is to convert tactic into visible result.

    • Data-driven decision-making process ensures that the money you spend is spent well; it lays out a plan to list your most effective efforts and also helps you to learn from your active competition.
    • Influence the market with social media advertisements and other forms of digital advertisements. Identify where your target customer spends more time and employ social media analytics to diversify marketing channels and target customers with multi-channel marketing.
    • Transpose big data and compile complex data sets summarizing them in visual formats to simplify understanding. Data visualization is applied to translate complex data into charts, graphs to construct easily accessible dashboards directly connected to predictive analytics providing meaningful insights forcing a data-driven approach towards marketing strategy.
    • Prepare interactive brochures, videos, and infographics with data visualization to communicate with your target audience and prepare reports.
    • Integrate overall business line calculation with sales growth and compare with the marketing cost. Attribution of sales growth directly to the marketing campaign could be unrealistic as there could be wide changes in real-time. Periodical comparisons to have a realistic approach.
    • Help to grow sales lead generation to provide a better chance for the salesperson to convert the leads into actual sales and thus resulting in sales growth.
    • Improve marketing strategies based on the Return on Investment consistently to monitor areas of growth and stagnation.
    • Identify issues and pain points while drafting new budgets, analyzing your ROI to build a sustainable yet robust strategy.
    • Enabling marketers to connect the dots between the market activities across different platforms based on data analytics. Justify your marketing cost incurred with the results generated.

    Core Capabilities

    Translate ROI insights to quantified sales, market acquisition, revenue share & consumer count

    Quantitative assessment of impact from new media channels

    Accurate ROI estimates help optimize investment allocation across media platforms

    Scenario-based marketing outputs help identify the right mix of marketing investments

    Measurable impact of externalities on competition activities over a timeline

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