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Predictive Maintenance – PRM 365

Enquetegroup’s PRM365 can assess the performance of assets such as a battery or a cell, based on its charging cycle, identifying data points such as heat, pressure, vibration, etc. This enables the Energy & Power industry to measure the temperature, voltage, health performance for each of the cells of the batteries. Advanced analytics provides charging cost predictions for large powerhouse batteries; It can also automate the process of replacing the batteries, whenever required. Predictive Maintenance of batteries has a direct impact on power generation cost, customer satisfaction & high availability of the supply.

A South East Asian country’s Power Development Board has implemented PRM 365 to improve uptime of their battery-generated power supply system of Housing Boards by 40%, reduce operation cost by 17% & increase customer satisfaction to a great extent. PRM 365 able to accurately predict battery health issues, replacement cycles and optimum charging/discharging cycles.

Attribution Modelling – Marketing ROI

Marketers are constantly facing critical decision-making junctures to look for more business opportunities and create new revenue streams for the companies. Classifying marketing campaigns (Print Ads, Audio-Visual Ads, Email Marketing, PPC Ads, Social Media Ads, Social Media Outreach) based on their probability to drive higher and frequent revenue growth models can get extremely tricky. Evaluation of the sustainability factor in marketing strategies to be able to consistently generate leads in the future cannot be done without factoring in dynamic/real-time changes in marketing performance.

Marketing ROI uses marketing mix modelling techniques using data analytics to determine the preferences of your customers and then moving forward provides business insights for customer retention and acquisition. Our marketing ROI platform helps to carries out a detailed ROI analysis for all the marketing investment channels, identifies the significant drivers or channels that are generating the maximum impact on sales and estimates volume contribution of each significant marketing drive.

Typically, it helped a US media company to increase lead conversion by 20%, optimizes media plan by shifting budget by 40% and minimize CAC with prudential investment of marketing fund to a great extent.

Demand Planning & Inventory Optimization

Demand Planner offers best-in-class demand forecasting and replenishment plans for all your products across multiple stores. It has three main components:

  • Demand forecasting that understand consumer demand accurately with a bespoke predictive analytics model tailored for your business.
  • Inventory optimization that balance capital investment objectives and service-level goals across multiple SKUs with forecast data that helps you plan well in advance.
  • Sales intelligence that Leverage the power of intuitive dashboards and readily available reports to unlock the true value of your sales data.

It helped a US retail company(6K+ SKU) to increase the accuracy of their demand planning by 90-95%

Cost Leakage Analysis

  • Efficiently managing operational costs is a key determinant of firms’ profitability and overall financial performance. Companies with a robust cost management system in place are better able to identify potential sources of cost leakage and can take the appropriate actions to reduce such cost leakage.
  • Enquetegroup Solutions presents an integrated easy-to-use Cost Leakage Analysis solution that enables firms to discover the true underlying sources of cost leakage. Through a real-time visual representation and analysis of expenses under different cost heads, across the various cost centers, and through the years, the solution facilitates timely intervention by management so as to introduce cost reduction initiatives. The solution helps visualize the expenses in a statistically reduced dimension focusing on the key drivers of cost leakage instead of just individual cost heads. This enables the firm to pin-point areas where cost reduction initiatives are likely to generate the maximum impact. The solution integrates seamlessly with the Budget Overrun Early Warning solution, enabling organizations to tie-in their cost reduction strategy with their efforts to achieve optimal budget utilization across the various cost centers.

Cost leakage analysis typically helped a mid-sized Asian retail company to save their operational expenditure by 25% directly impacting the bottom line of their gross savings

Employment Matching – Smart Match Technology

  • Unlike the robust matching capabilities of today’s dating world, the technology for the employment industry is in the stone ages:
  • When an employer “searches” for job candidates they are inundated with hundreds of resumes from job portals and then the user must determine which resumes best fit the company’s needs.
  • When a job seeker “searches” for a new opportunity the job portal’s filter eliminates everything outside of the filter parameters and then presents all other opportunities. The job seeker then must determine which job, if any, is a proper fit for their skills and desires.
  • An equitable talent exchange marketplace engaging all parties though a predictive analytics platform in a win-win situation. Enquete’s solution provides:
  • Talent screening criteria for single candidates
  • Candidates scored based on given matching criteria including a “Myers-Briggs” personality questions
  • Candidates ranked and presented according to employment criteria (e.g., location, experience, etc.)
  • Ranking continually updated as new candidates apply

There are few successful pilot projects in US where clients are highly satisfied with this smart match technology

Healthcare Solution – Hospital Acquired Conditions

  • An estimated $30 Billion burden has been transferred to hospitals and caregivers based on new rules announced in 2008 regarding payments that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS ) pay for Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC).
  • Using a proprietary analytical platform, Enquetegroup:
  • Demonstrates how HACs affect your bottom line on lost revenue
  • Identifies sources of HAC infection
  • Incorporates personnel information, procedural information as well as health information to provide a complete picture
  • Provides a means of continuous process monitoring
  • Predicts patients at high risk for HAC
  • Proactively intervenes to help prevent HAC incidence

A US hospital in Maryland has used this service for prediction of HAC with 90% accuracy based on past data records

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