Here’s how Predictive Maintenance service can help you!


  • How can we reduce the cost of charging large powerhouse batteries ?
  • How can we measure the temperature & voltage performance for each of the cells of the batteries ?
  • How can we predict which cell of the battery requires a replacement & identify the reason behind it ?
  • How can we predict smooth discharging & charging cycles of large powerhouse batteries for smooth transformer loading ?

What we offer

  • Enquete’s Predictive Maintenance service is the one-stop solution for all the above problems
  • Predictive Maintenance of batteries has a direct impact on power generation cost, customer satisfaction & high availability of the supply.

Solution Steps

We have censors to collect data from the platform & prepare it for the statistical analysis; or data are collected from structured or unstructured data sources

Depending on the battery make & version, we identify a few independent variables from the battery data-set & observe their effect on charging/discharging cycles of the batteries

We build a predictive model to find out what the possible reasons for battery/cell failure or how their performance parameters are dependent on certain cell behaviours

Data is continuously fed into the model to get the desired outcome and accuracy of prediction

Reports and Action items will be available through dashboard or app

Business Benefits

Accuracy of predictive maintenance results in lower power generation cost

Optimal utilization of power generated

High Customer satisfaction

High availability of power supply

Smooth transformer loading

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