Enquete’s Battery Maintenance Platform PRM 365

Battery Maintenance is a growing area as global battery demand is expected to grow by a factor of ~14 globally in order to reach 2600 GWh by 2030.

Currently, Predictive Maintenance for large-scale batteries is becoming an increasingly important issue across the globe.

Batteries play an increasingly important role in three areas:

Helping to provide access to electricity to off-grid communities

Decarbonizing transport through electrification

Enabling the shift from fossil fuel to renewable power generation as a dispatchable source of electricity

Large data centers, housing boards, and powerhouses use large scale batteries for providing electrical power to the consumers to meet their energy demands. Our platform is aimed to address the problems of Power Supply Corporation & Housing Development Boards:

  • How can they reduce the cost of charging large-scale batteries based on different power supply rates at different times of the day?
  • How can battery power be used to optimize power generation cost?
  • How can they predict which cell of the battery requires a replacement in advance & identify the reason behind it?
  • How reliable do the batteries need to be and what availability targets are required to be accomplished?
  • How can the current overall battery maintenance cost & efforts be reduced by planning in advance?

PRM 365 is aimed to provide insights for proactive & predictive maintenance features based on past and continuous data supply. This platform helps customers to

  • Optimize power generation cost
  • Reduce power wastage
  • Achieve smoother transformer loadings

User of the platform, such as Power Supply Corporations & Housing development boards, would be empowered to have this facility in place as part of their IT management offerings. Customer will receive full insight and action items for battery operation & maintenance and for associated cells through web UI/Mobile App in the form of

  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Action points
  • Alarms

Key Features and Benefits

  • What-if Simulation based on conditions
  • Forecasting of bad events
  • Innovative algorithms for forecasting models using AI & ML
  • Highly effective risk management techniques
  • Comprehensive data accumulation & gathering
  • Decent saving in maintenance cost
  • Elimination of machine breakdown causes
  • Enhancement of equipment lifespan
  • Productivity increase & downtime reduction
  • Increase in productivity & downtime reduction
  • Process Quality improvement

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