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In a data driven world, dealing with huge amount of data – structured and unstructured coming in from diverse sources, at a regular basis is a challenge for most Technology leaders.  Not only is storing data is costly, but conventional data management practices are also a huge burden on IT resources as well. Yet, the data plays a crucial role in providing insights-driven business. Advanced predictive analytics services help you harness the power of big data without exhausting your human and infrastructure resources. Enquete Group’s Predictive Analytics services  leverage technology and expertise to unlock hidden opportunities and insights.

Predictive analytics combines advanced analytics spanning from ad-hoc statistical analysis, data mining, predictive modelling, text analytics, real-time scoring and machine learning. These tools help organizations uncover patterns and discover trends in structured and unstructured data to see beyond what they know and anticipate what can happen next. Organizations, across all verticals, can use predictive insights to find new opportunities, increase revenue and reduce risks.

Choose from our portfolio of scalable services along with leading big data technologies for limitless analytical possibilities.

  • Detect and prevent fraud

  • Market size estimation for categories

  • Customer Targeting with right offer

  • Prevent customer churn (customer loyalty actions)

  • Predict potential customers (based in age, sex, marital status, hobbies, purchase power)

  • Predict product demand (travel planning, courses, hotels, tickets)

  • Define the optimal products portfolio for each segment in the market (content classification

  • Customize offers and recommendations

  • Prevent claims and inquiries (customer support)

Enquete technology stack comprised of cutting-edge most recent technologies of Data Science & Machine Learning covering e2e Solution for your data driven decision Making.

Enquete has right mix of industry professional, domain expertise, data science experts & Senior Consultants to meet all kinds of resource demand for Staff augmentation, Managed Services and Consulting projects.

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