Enquete is one stop shop for your data driven decision making. Our predictive modeling helps you identify opportunities and minimize risky business decisions. We offer our products and custom solutions powered by cutting-edge algorithms to result in highest ROI on your data investment.

Wide-ranging applicability
Not only corporations, but training institutes & government departments can use our offerings on data science/machine learning. We follow CRISP-DM methodology.

Significant savings in OPEX
In-house data science operational cost will be reduced (by at least 20%) requiring no additional investment.

Price advantage
Low cost of ownership with a reliable support framework

Open-source platform
Developed in open-source language hence no license fee required for the environment

Speed of adoption
Due to a high level of user-friendliness and ease of operation, companies find it comfortable to deploy

Customer support
All-inclusive fee with integrated customer support

Return on Investment(ROI)
Our services typically saves 15-20% of the cost of your investment or operation & helps to expedite Go To Market Activities. This makes ROI time is shorter than usual.

Prediction Accuracy
Our prediction models are built in a precision that it can achieve more than 95% accuracy irrespective of complexity of the business problem

Technology Stack Experience 

Our Engagement Model

Software as a service(SaaS)

  • Our key offering – complete end to end solution including
    software, professional services, data management and hosting
    in the most cost-effective manner without any upfront
    capex investment
  • Pay-as-you-go model for all your analytics need

Delivery Mode

Time & Material

  • Hourly rates of various skill levels apply, based on number of hours of activity
  • Scope of work to be decided at the beginning of the project

Fixed Cost

  • Project objectives and deliverables to be decided at the SoW stage
  • Overall project to be charged at fixed cost basis
  • Duration of the project to be agreed upon mutually with the client

PoC as a service

  • With minimal investment, you will receive actionable insights on your problems and can proactively tune your parameters to attain maximum output within an optimal timefram
  • A modular engagement typically of 5-7 weeks’ timeframe depending on the scale, complexity and goal of the activity
  • Driven by experienced data scientists and domain specialists to test a particular use case with defined scope
  • Explore the full potential of predictive analytics through a cost effective PoC invlving a simulation environment, data availability would be a prerequisite

Data management & hosting in a secured framework (Structured/Un-structured/Big Data)

Data visualization & analytics through smart web-GUI

Actionable insights and predictive analysis of your business expectation 

Dedicated team of Project Manager and Data Scientists 

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Enquete is one stop shop
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Our Philosophy

Enquete offers smart predictive analytics solutions helping organizations to leverage data to achieve a
competitive edge.