End-to-End Demand Planning Solution


Prediction and Planning with an accuracy rate of 90%

Complete optimization of Supply Chain and Inventory Planning

Align Preventive Maintenance with Predictive Analytics


Reduce labor and material costs using IOT/IIOT & Data Analytics

Predictive Maintenance of Industrial Assets using ‘Forecasting as a Service’

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cutting-edge Business Intelligence solutions

Machine Learning


Internet of Things (IoT)


Team of Data Scientists


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Demand Forecasting

Enquete Group offers a complete Demand Forecasting and Planning solution to businesses that accurately determines demand visibility using advanced data analytics technologies. Our forecasting solution aids demand-driven planning, sales operations, and inventory management for large enterprises. With Enquete’s proven demand planning solutions and expertise in data science, we aim to build a link between lean manufacturing and lean enterprise.

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Enquete offers smart predictive analytics solutions helping organizations to leverage data to achieve a
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