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Enquete’s ‘forecasting as a service’ model enables you to go aboard your analytics journey without substantial upfront investment. Enquete provides a complete e2e package starting with solutions, professional services and secured data management to analytics insights.

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Past Project


Hospital Acquired Conditions

An estimated $30 Billion burden has been transferred to hospitals and caregivers based on new rules announced in 2008 regarding payments that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) pay for Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC). The questions hospital executives were asking:

  • What is my exposure to loss in revenue based on this change?
  • How well is my hospital performing relative to other similar hospitals across the nation?
  • How do I discover the sources of HAC within my hospital and how do I re-mediate the problems?
  • What metrics can we develop to improve the quality of our hospital and prepare for future rule changes?

Using a proprietary analytical platform, Enquete Group demonstrates:

  • How HACs affect your bottom line on lost revenue
  • Identifies sources of HAC infection
  • Incorporates personnel information, procedural information as well as health information to provide a complete picture
  • Provides a means of  continuous process monitoring
  • Predicts patients at high risk for HAC
  • Proactively intervenes to help prevent HAC incidences

Another one…


Workforce Optimization

Overall Market Need

  • In a tight economy, strong need to optimize resources
  • Workforce costs are one of the major fixed costs


  • The problem is complex
  • Portfolio of worker schedules
  • Demand is irregular
  • Need to maintain regulatory compliance

Problem statement

Records of weekly demand (manpower)

  • 30 minute intervals for 1 week

Full-time workers can be fixed or flex schedule

  • 8 hours for 5 days or 10 hours for 4 days
  • 40 hours over 5 days or 40 hours over 6 days
  • No more than 10 hours per day

Part-time workers can be fixed or flex schedule

  • Total less than 40 hours
  • Not more than 8 hours per day
  • Typically contiguous hours

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